With the emergence of real estate as a mainstream topic, it’s easy to see why talking about houses – especially in Naples – is such a common occurrence.   We are surrounded by the talk of real estate – on television, on podcasts, in Hollywood movies, and of course Naples loves real estate magazines and newspaper articles.

If you’re like us, you frequently think about what would happen if you listed your home for sale.  Many of us feel like we’re ready for a change, but the thought of selling can be pretty daunting.

We pride ourselves on taking much of the stress out of the selling process for our clients.

While there are several things you can do to prepare your home to hit the market, let’s look at three big mistakes that homeowners should avoid if they are considering selling in the near future.

Mistake #1: Spending money to personalize your home

For the most part, buyers do not want to buy your home.  They want to buy their home.  The more de-cluttered and neutralized the home is, the better your chances of enticing a buyer early in the selling process.  Since you’re selling the home anyways, your best route is to choose things that are appealing to as many people as possible, not just you and your taste.

Mistake #2: Not addressing minor maintenance and repair items

It’s no secret that homes in the best condition typically sell faster than those that need some fixes.  During the days, weeks or even months that you are preparing to sell, make a list of the items that need attention and address as many of those as possible before letting buyers come see your house.  A little bit of elbow grease and a small budget could go a really long way towards bringing you the price that you want for your home.

Mistake #3: Not getting a professional opinion on the true present value of your home

Real estate values fluctuate often.  Each time a comparable home or property sells, it gives the market a new number to consider when evaluating your home.  It’s imperative that you talk to a real estate agent that has indepth knowledge on your exact location.  You need a professional that can give you an estimate that is backed by data and experience!